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10 Tips to Transform your Tacky Living Space into a Minimalist’s Dream

10 Tips to Transform your Tacky Living Space into a Minimalist’s Dream

The fundamental principle of minimalism is: less is more. The minimalist lifestyle has inspired millions worldwide to make sustainable choices and simplify their life. When we surround ourselves with too many options, we tend to feel confused and anxious. The more material things we accumulate, the harder it becomes to manage them. Minimalism stresses on letting go of things that do not have an evident purpose in your life. Hold onto the essentials and make the best of limited resources – always prioritize quality over quantity.

Minimalist home décor is sensible, convenient, and easy on the eyes. It is best suited for modern city apartments that offer limited space. If your home looks like a mess, your mind is probably in a similar state. It is crucial to cleanse your surroundings in order to feel light and relaxed. Transform your nightmare of a living space into a minimalist masterpiece with these easy tips: 

1. Choose a Neutral Color Palette

If you look at minimalist designs and interior décor, you will notice that the color white is a popular choice. White tends to make real estate look wider, cleaner, and sophisticated, which is true to the minimalist brand. However, you can choose from a variety of colors to work with, as long as they belong to a neutral palette. Shades that are too dark or bright make the room look like it’s caving in, which is stressful to say the least. You should also avoid using multiple contrasting colors at a time in the same place. Paint your walls a subtle tone that radiates a soothing effect. 

2. More Textures, Less Patterns

While it is recommended to restrict your color palette, you can experiment with infinite textures. Even though plain/solid colors are the leading choice, there is no harm in selecting non-complex patterns. A room looks excessively gaudy and revolting if there are multicolored prints and patterns everywhere. However, adding a few small items with intricate patterns or incorporating a delicate pattern in a portion of your décor doesn’t hurt. For instance, you may display fuzzy zebra striped (black and white) throw pillows on a solid black or white sofa. 

3. Allow more Natural Light

Minimalism supports the ideologies of green living, thus you should utilize maximum sunlight and minimize the usage of artificial lighting. Minimalist homes have large windows that are not obstructed by any furniture. You can use blinds to filter light according to the time of the day and your personal needs.  

4. Focus on Functionality and De-clutter accordingly

The purpose of embracing minimalist interior design is to increase the accessibility around the house, as well as improve its overall functionality. If you have a lot of extra stuff lying around that is never used, get rid of it. Donate it or sell it – whatever seems reasonable, but don’t let it stay and turn your place into a junkyard. Once you’ve taken out what you don’t need, you’ll forget how congested and stuffy your place is right now. 

5. Make Room to Twirl

Some empty space around the house always comes in handy, and moving around becomes a breeze. You should definitely use the newly freed space to indulge in some yoga, dancing, or meditation; the cleared out space will help clarify your mind too. Not to mention, you can finally say goodbye to the frequent stubbed toes and knee slams. 

6. Find a Place for Everything

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to keep, find the right spot for it. The placement of each object should not interfere with the functionality and accessibility of the place in any way. You need to organize all your stuff, so it doesn’t come in the way and things are easy to find. This practice will eliminate disorder from your life, and every article in a room comes together to create the perfect setting. 

7. Streamline your Furniture

Your pieces of furniture should complement each other, rather than giving the room a haphazard appearance. You can modify some of the furniture, so it matches the other; for instance, you can change the upholstery. If you are going to replace the existing furniture, go for articles that are simple, sleek, and comfortable. 

8. Implement Accent Decorations

The minimalist lifestyle does not prohibit you from displaying ornaments or decoration pieces around the house. The point is to refrain from a set up that has too much going on and becomes aesthetically displeasing. The barer the walls, the better, but one accent wall is recommended. You can use one of four walls to flaunt art, framed photographs, or other hangings that match the room’s vibe. 

9. Personalize

It is crucial to add your own personal touch to the place to make it feel like home. You can do this by putting up your own art on the accent wall or showcasing something meaningful on your center table. The one or few things that scream you can become the focal point of the room. One or two pieces that stand out in an otherwise neutral environment create a balance. They remove the blandness or coldness of a room, which is sometimes felt with a minimalist layout. You can add a bookshelf, corner lamps, a furry rug, or anything else to add detail. 

10. Add Elements of Nature

Last but not least, bringing a fragment of nature indoors is also a popular aspect of minimalism. A few potted plants or a terrarium as your center piece can truly liven up the space. Plants are great for cleansing the air, and the greenery increases the aesthetic value of your living space. 


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