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22 Best- Most Affordable Pool Floats You Can’t Resist This Summer

22 Best- Most Affordable Pool Floats You Can’t Resist This Summer

Summer has officially started and that means it’s time to hit the pool and soak up some vitamin D-nourishing sun. The best way to luxuriate in the water? A pool float, of course. But any ol’ float won’t do. The perfect pool float for adults is highly functional: It can hold a refreshing cocktail, serve your snacks on a platter, offer some shade from the sun’s powerful rays, make you feel relaxed, and add some spunk to your pool experience. Here are 25 of the best most affordable pool floats to hit the market for 2020:


1. Nascar Danica Patrick Ca Float Pool Lounger   $9.99

Danica Patrick isn’t known for lounging around. She’s known for perfectly executing every turn, every pass, and running in the pack as one of NASCAR’s best. Lucky for you, you’re not Danica Patrick (unless you are, and if that’s the case we’d love to just say we’re BIG fans). But assuming you’re not her that means you have time to lounge around the pool all day drinking delicious drinks, soaking in the sun and, of course, watching the race while she’s out there racing. Ah, it’s good to be a fan! Modeled after Danica’s famous blue Chevrolet SS, this officially licensed NASCAR pool float lounger matches the car she used during her fourth full season of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Float casually around the corners of your pool in pure relaxation. We don’t recommend doing 500 laps like the pros, but this car is so comfy you just might feel like giving it a try.


2. Piñata Floating Beverage Boat   $9.99

When you’re floating in the pool, eyes closed, relaxing, one thing you don’t want to worry about is holding onto your drink. Set your beverages free and add a cute piece of pool eye-candy to your backyard in one, ahem, swing! This Piñata Floating Beverage Boat is perfect for your pool party or relaxing solo float. It’s able to hold five cups or cans of sippables, so you can lay back, breathe easy, and quench your thirst whenever you need, all from the comfort of the middle of your pool!

3. Giant Sparkly Unicorn Float   $19.99

Face it: summer is your season to shine! Autumn has its upside and spring is invigorating, but summer is your time of year. Usher in your favorite months with this unforgettably festive Giant Sparkly Unicorn Pool Float! It makes the most of your moments in the water and turns summer into one long pool party.

4. Giant Llama Pool Float  $17.99

Have fun lounging by the pool this summer with your favorite sturdy creature, the llama! What are llamas good for? Friendship and intelligence, of course! They are social creatures and will be your very best friend, along with being quick learners. Blow up your llama friend and soak up the sun all day, every day with our Giant Llama Pool Float.


5. Fantasy Life Stadium Inflatable Beer Cooler  $7.99

If you ask most people why they attend football parties, the majority would respond by saying they like watching the main event with all their best buddies around. Of course, there’s always going to be a select few out there who just show up for the snacks. Oh, and beer. Basically, beer is the biggest incentive for lots of guys. Sure, they enjoy your company and the game but they will definitely enjoy drinking your beer more.

Make sure that the brews are on full display and chilled to perfection by keeping them in this appropriate inflatable stadium beer cooler. The boys who come solly for your bevvy of beer options will certainly be impressed once they see this bad boy all blown up and filled with ice. It can hold up to 10 beers but you’ll probably have to keep restocking knowing how thirsty your friends are. 

6. Giant Donut Pool Float.  $19.99

Hang on tight to your donuts as you slide down the steepest of hills all winter long! This Giant Donut Snow Tube will keep you comfortable (but not always secure) as you embark on every hill and turn. Beware of slippery patches and high jumps as you hang on to your handles for dear life! 

7. Giant Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float   $29.99

Think a day in the water has to be a lot of work? Relax in the quirky cute style of this Giant Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float and see just how easy life can be! Lay atop this white unicorn’s innertube body or wear it around your waist for a hands-free flotation device that adds a splash of fun to your life.

8. Bald Eagle Pool Float.   $17.99

The battle of the backyard barbeques is now a Fourth of July tradition, especially on your bustling block. All the neighbors try to outdo one another in a friendly competition to determine which family celebrates our nation’s birthday in the most extra way possible. Who can grill the best hamburger patties, who has the most dazzling firework display, and last but not least, which family boasts the best All-American pool floats?

9. Huggables Panda Inflatable Pool Float    $49.99

There’s nothing quite like getting a loving hug from one of the most-loved, black and white bears in the world. Step into your pool and relax while wrapped up in the hug of an inflatable panda! This Huggables Panda Inflatable Pool Float is the summer floatie for you or your panda-loving pals. And, bonus, Panda will hold your drink for you in one of his hands! 

10. Flamingo With Shades Pool Float.     $19.99

If you’re rallying for the title of “Best Summer Pool Party,” then tip the scales in your favor by adding this Flamingo with Shades Pool Float to your festivities. It’s a classic innertube shape with fun flamingo flair, with a sizzlin’ set of shades for added style!

11. Death Star Light-Up Inflatable Star Wars Beach Ball.     $19.99

The Galactic Empire is a jerk. Let’s just take inventory of all the bad things they did during the course of the Star Wars movies:

  1. They blew up Alderann.
  2. They blew up Echo Base on Hoth.
  3. They shot C-3PO to smithereens on Bespin.
  4. They froze Han Solo in carbonite.
  5. They terrorized those poo Ewoks.
  6. They forced the Wookiees to do heavy labor.

…and the list goes on and on. If you’re feeling a little mad about all that, then you might feel like giving the Death Star a slap with your palm of your hand, but that’s downright impossible. At least, it WAS impossible until now! With this Death Star Light-Up Beach Ball, you can spike the Death Star all across the pool! You can take out your frustration on the Galactic Empire by bumping it with your fist and pretending that you’re delivering the finishing blow the evil empire!

12. Giant Penny Candy Pool Float    $19.99

It’s summer! So, how you going to spend it? Cooped up indoors? No way! The best thing to do when the heat hits, is head to the pool to ride those summer vibes! This Giant Penny Candy Pool Float helps you enjoy the summer is delicious fashion! This vinyl pool float is shaped like a delicious piece of penny candy and makes for the perfect way to enjoy your next trip to the beach.

13. Giant Adult Rainbow Pool Float    $24.99

Add the full spectrum of visible light to your next trip to the pool! That’s right, you get ROY G. BIV it up in the water when you take this Giant Rainbow Pool Float to the pool. It’s made out of a thick, durable vinyl material and it even has a splash of glitter inside the cloud to glitz up the float. We recommend using an air pump to blow it up, but you can do it the good old fashioned way too!


14. Watermelon Slice 72” Pool Float.    $7.99

Everyone knows that watermelon and summer go together like two peas in a hot, humid, sunny pod.

But did you know that you don’t even have to consume watermelon to be refreshed by it? The scientific jury is still out, but our independent studies show that just looking at watermelon when you are feeling hot can cool you down rapidly. Neat! So imagine how rejuvenated you will feel when you come home from a long afternoon under the sun to see this Watermelon Slice 72” Pool Float drifting in your deep end. You’ll cool off immediately! This sturdy vinyl float inflates to make a super-sweet raft atop which you can sun yourself or just rest after a round of laps. Though this device is not a technical “life-saving” device, you must admit, it really seems to be keeping your spirits afloat in this high heat, huh?

15. Giant Duck Pool Float.    $24.99

Be prepared for this summer’s festivities with one inflatable floatie or a whole troupe of them. After all, there’s nothing like floating with the whole flock. Ready to float with flare? Simply inflate your mallard and see where the summer fun takes you!

16. Giant American Flag Pool Float.    $19.99

This Giant American Flag Pool Float is great for any trip to the pool or the beach. It’s made out of a thick, durable vinyl material and it’s designed to look like the American Flag when fully inflated. The filly inflated pool float measures 64 inches long by 40 inches wide, making it perfect for afternoon lounging in the pool. We recommend using an air pump to fully inflate this float, but it can be done the good old fashioned way (with your lungs and mouth) too.

17. Giant Sea Turtle 96” Pool Float.   $19.99

If you want to be a breathtaking sight on any body of water, don’t pass up your chance to own this sea turtle pool float. Measuring a whopping 96 inches, this summer floatie is shaped like a turtle and decorated with swirly shapes and flowers. It’s great for lone floaters but feel free to invite all your friends for a ride. It’s not like this tremendous tortoise will have a problem keeping everyone afloat!        

18. Green Gummy Bear 5Ft Pool Float.  $19.99

The green gummy bear pool float is a scrumptious option for candy lovers who want to dive into a fun-filled day in the water. Similar to edible gummy treats, this flotation device is semi-translucent and features a smiley bear face. Even though it’s yummy don’t try and take a bite out of it because the float is not meant for consumption. On the other hand, it doesn’t turn sticky and gooey once it hits the water which is a major bonus!

19. Huggables Sloth Inflatable Pool Float    $44.99

Trust us, the one place you want to be on a perfect summer day is in a pool, relaxing on a comfortable water sloth. What? Wait, yes. A sloth. The Huggables Sloth Inflatable Pool Float is the perfect, most precious addition to your lake or pool play. Those long sloth arms hug you steady on his belly as you float with a refreshing pink lemonade that your sloth floatie is happy to hold for you in his convenient beverage-holding hand. On a hot summer day, what more could you want but to pair the sweetest, slowest, slothiest animal on earth with your favorite kick-back-and-relax activity? The Huggables Sloth Inflatable Pool Float has your back, literally. Have a great float. 

20. Giant Jellyfish Pool Float.    $16.99

Get up close and personal with this jellyfish without worrying about a sting! Once blown up, this purple, pink, and blue sea creature will make you feel sturdy in lakes or pools. It measures out to four feet by four feet and is a buoyant fifteen inches thick.

21. Giant Beaver River Tube.    $39.99

This Beaver River Tube is made out of heavy duty PVC vinyl material. It has a built-in cup holder, perfect for stashing a soda during river run. It also comes with a rope around the edges to make it easier to connect up with a group of river tubers. The mesh seat makes lounging in this float a treat, so you can be the most comfortable river tuber in the water! Of course, the best part of this river tube is cute beaver face on the front and the little beaver tail on the back. When you hop in this river tube, you’ll look like you were made for river life!

22. Giant Ice Pop Pool Float    $15.99

This Giant Ice Pop Pool Float lets you enjoy the pool to its full potential. You see, while using this pool float, you could be floating on an ice pop, while you enjoy an actual ice pop in the middle of the pool. Can you imagine that?

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