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Every equipment and device has a shelf life. Depending upon how they are used and maintained, they might last from 2 to 15 years. Similar is the case with water heater, which is extensively used, especially in winters and throughout the year in cold countries. 

The regular use will gradually wear down its efficiency; adding to the degrading functionality would be the low maintenance. We all are guilty of overlooking the condition of the water heaters in our home, which is only realized once the water heater stops functioning or starts acting abruptly. This is why it is necessary to regularly inspect and look for any damage in the water heater. If you find something out of the ordinary, you should reach out to a water heater repair in Lake Elsinore, like BiltPros. A home improvement specialist, our team of trained and certified technicians are capable of fixing any, and every home-related issue be it repairing water heater for bathroom fixture installation or even house cleaning. 

But how will you figure out if your water heater needs immediate repair? 

We have listed five tell-tale signs of water heater damage, identifying which you should immediately consult a water heater repair service in Lake Elsinore:

Are you noticing foggy or cloudy water coming out of the water heater? Do you notice any strange metallic scent with it? This is a clear sign that your water heater internal parts are getting damaged due to metallic deposits. The minerals of the herd water could be deposited to the wall of the heater, resulting in murky water with a strange odor and taste. 

Similar to cloudy water, if you start noticing rust particles in your containers, it’s time you replace the water heater with a new one. Water heaters past their expiration dates will have rust inside and around the inlet valve, water pipes, and tanks, which can be hard to notice. 

While good practice, no matter how much you maintain them, water heaters have a limited lifespan which is – 10 years. If yours has stretched beyond, it would be a wise choice to invest in a new one. Why? Because it is only a matter of days when it might be the reason for leakage in your rooftop or basement damping. Why wait?

Have you been hearing strange rumbling noises, every time you turn on the water heater? Chances are there is mineral buildup on the surface of your water heater. Not only does sediment buildup reduces the efficiency of the water heater, but if not fixed at the right time, ut might cause plumbing issue with the water heater starts to leak and to flood the home.

Inadequate maintenance can lead to sediment buildup, which, after forming a thick layer can disrupt the functionality leading to not heating the water properly. If you noticed that you run out of hot water quickly, then it’s time for through servicing. Similarly, if the water heater is unable to heat the water to the desired temperature, then there is a possibility that the dip tube has cracked and needs to be repaired. 

Now that you know how to determine the health condition of your water heater, if you notice one of those mentioned above, reach out to BiltPros for immediate and effective repair service at the most competitive market price. You can trust the knowledge and experience of our professionals in fixing any and every home issue for good. 

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