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Return phone calls

Returning phone calls in a timely fashion is the most important part of running a good quality business. This will ensure that you maintain your 5-Star public reputation and make the most out of your company. If someone calls you and they need work done that you don’t do, refer them to a member in BiltPros and they’ll return the favor. When your on a job and you can’t answer the phone, if you text them and say you will call them afterwards, that will turn more phone calls into jobs.

Keep your customer informed

We all set our schedules and try to do the best, but sometimes there are delays or problems along the way which is part of doing business. When this happens, let your customer know, they’ll appreciate it!

Back your Product

Customer satisfaction is our main requirement of BiltPros. If there are faults in your workmanship, your responsible for backing your work. For example, lets say you install a microwave. If the microwave doesn’t meet the cabinet, or is not properly mounted, you must guarantee that job. However if the microwave itself is faulty, or doesn’t work, that’s a manufacturer defect and you’re not responsible.

Keep your ratings up

BiltPros is built with the best local service professionals in your area. Your web presence affects you as well as every member on this site. If you drop below 4 stars, you will be given a warning. If it continues, you could be liable for suspension. This will be taken on a case by case basis and it protects you as well as the other service members.

Get to know your neighbors

Here at BiltPros, we encourage job referrals to other members in the network. These are members that are held to the same quality standards as you are and you can rest assured knowing they’ll produce good work. This active involvement in the network will get you more jobs as you build relationships with other quality service professionals. For Example: If you’re a painter and your customer needs tile work, refer them. Next time the tile installer runs into a paint job, they will think of you.

*~Fun Fact: The average close rate in the construction industry is 22% while the average close rate for a referred job is over 80%.

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