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The Amazing Story of BiltPros

BiltPros is a thriving business that provides a range of home services and products to customers across the US. But what many people don’t know is that the company’s success story started with just a small investment and a big dream. Let’s take a look back at how this amazing journey began.

The Beginning of BiltPros

The story starts in 2008, when father-son duo Rick and Nathan Baddon decided to start their own handyman business in Temecula, California. With only $100 and an old Ford Ranger pickup truck. “It Barely Ran” said CEO Nathan Baddon. “The timing was off, and and the floor pedal was just laying on the carpet, it was all I could do to drive it home. But we fixed it and started our business.” They then started operating under the name Handyguy®, which grew like wildfire because of their simple, Do-It-All strategy. “Starting out, you’ve gotta take all the jobs you can get!” said cofounder Richard, “because at the end of the day, it all adds up.” This allowed their business to grow rapidly and their reviews skyrocketed at a point-in-time when reviews were the hottest trend. They then decided to expand into their next territory, Las Vegas – but this was just the beginning.

Achieving Greatness

In 2012, Handyguy wasn’t able to keep up with the high demand and they launched their own network of the best Home Pros in the country, with the goal to provide more honesty and integrity in the home improvement industry. Soon they became one of the most well-known names in the industry, with Handyguy home services hitting record highs of over 2-million hits/month.

In 2019, they launched an online marketplace for home products that has been growing ever since and they’ve been featured in numerous online sources like Redfin, Zillow, and Yelp’s Top Businesses list. Two years later in 2022, Handyguy decided to change it’s name to BiltPros to help better encompass their growing brand, and to celebrate, they posted their latest new billboard on the 15 freeway in their home area of Temecula Valley offering free traffic to the best local contractors. BiltPros has become a nationwide company with contractors in California all the way to New York and all homeowners that can actively browse for Free.

Celebrity Connections

Throughout their journey, Rick and Nathan have had some pretty exciting encounters with celebrities – doing paint paint work for Jay Leno, Lyle Lovett, and even the Worlds Fastest Juggler Wally Eastwood! They say he even juggled rolls of blue tape while they worked – now that’s impressive!

From Humble Beginnings to Nationwide Success – that’s the incredible story of BiltPros

Today, BiltPros is expanding to new areas and continuing their vision of the best home services in the country. They do this by helping out their community, offering free referral assistance, and providing home knowledge to anyone who needs it.

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