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BiltPros Story

BiltPros is a family-owned company that was founded in 2008 to provide you with top-quality home service professionals. We use a cutting-edge selection process to find our contractors and we only accept the best-of-the-best. Our company seeks out small, family-owned contracting businesses that provide a good quality product, return phone calls, and leave you with a memorable experience. Thousands of people already depend on BiltPros for the best home improvement contractor recommendations.

The Beginning

In 2008, BiltPros was started by a father and son who became best friends through our endeavor. At the time, we had our last $100, an old beat up Ford Ranger, and our sense of humor. Initially, we started out doing a lot of painting because the jobs were plentiful, and there wasn’t too much equipment required, but we were doing any job we could. As we did more jobs, we would acquire tools and eventually, we had a tool for every occasion and we became very handy.

From Handyman to Referral

After learning the many trades of the home improvement industry, our customers would always ask us if we knew a good serviceman that could run pipe, wire a ceiling fan, or other tasks we didn’t do. They would ask us because we were reputable, and it’s very hard to find someone who has the Quality 5. (Good at their craft, Returns phone calls, Shows up on time, Personable, and Clean-cut). Eventually, we decided to seek these companies out to provide a better service to our customers. After weeks of research, we figured out that it’s easy to find people that had 3 or 4 of our qualifications, but it was very hard to find someone that fulfilled all of them. When someone’s in our network, we know they’re going to be qualified, will provide a good customer experience, and will keep you informed throughout the job.


BiltPros is expanding to new areas and continuing our vision of the best home services available. If you’re a contractor and are interested in being part of our network, we’d be happy to bring you into our team after you go through our qualification process.

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A Fun Story

While living in Las Vegas for a short time, we did a job for a unique individual who was a master at juggling. He learned about us from one of his colleagues who said that we were the best painter in town, so he decided to give us a try. We were working hard to create a good reputation, and we made it a point to produce the best paint lines in the industry.

After 4 labor intensive days, and using our secret trick for lines, we had finished the entire house and were ready for inspection. Our customer, Mr. Juggler, was breathless, he had never seen lines that were this sharp, they were “out of this world”, he said. So, we asked, “You’ve seen us work, how about we see you work”, and he responded by getting us tickets to his show on the strip. Little did we know, we were about to get VIP tickets to go see the worlds fastest juggler, who happened to be famous local in Las Vegas. During the show, he would do stand-up comedy and juggling acts that we didn’t know was possible. He even spotlighted us during the show, it was incredible. We ended up building a good relationship with him after painting several homes for him and his family. Unfortunately, after we moved back to California, he eventually had to find a new painter, but every now and then we’ll give him a call and catch up. Most people might know him as the funny guy on stage but we’ll always remember him as the likable, family-man goof who was juggling rolls of blue painter’s tape in his home.

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