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Exterior in Wall Pet Door Installation

Exterior in Wall Pet Door Installation

Installing an exterior wall pet door takes great care! First, you need to select a suitable location in the wall to avoid electrical, or pipes. Cutting a stucco wall takes the right tools and skill to do a neat, clean installation. Neatness counts! I begin by putting plastic down, as I will be cutting the inside drywall for the inside dog / cat pet door installation.

Image shows blue tape, flashlight, drywall saw, razor blade, tool bag, and a premium pet door.

Every time before I install an exterior pet door in a wall, I like to set up and organize my work station for the neatest results which will end in a very clean installation.

pet door 2

Next, I carefully mark and cut the drywall opening for the pet door.
pet door 3

Once the inside drywall is cut, aligning the holes requires care. Measuring is very important, as misaaligning holes is very easy to do.

pet door 4

Finally, the dog /cat door halves are aligned, squared, and assembled. You and your pet are ready to enjoy!!

pet door 6pet door 5

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