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Handy guy has a group of professionals who provide each house the required maintenance and care to avoid future inconveniences. The household repairing is one of the most basic need of every family for their home. Who doesn’t want their home clean and well updated, everybody does? Right! Handy guy has a wide range of professionals who provide quality appliance repair San Bernardino CA. The only way to get the broken garage door back in new condition is by handing over the job to experts. Handy guy full-fill all your requirements exactly the way you want. From garage door repair San Bernardino to screen repair San Bernardino, you will find  all kinds of cleaning services San Bernardino CA with the handy guy.

Our services

Handy guy has a gamut of professionals who deliver quality furniture refinishing San Fernando valley at your homes. Our professional services include furniture repair San Fernando valley, garage door repair San Bernardino, bathroom & kitchen remodelling, kitchen cabinets repairing, window repair & replace, plumbing, San Bernardino trash pickup, screen repair, heater repairing and other household services. If you find yourself stuck in one of those situation then don’t worry, and call BiltPros. Our experts provide assured quality services to the customers right at their doorstep.

Your Go-To Repair Services

We are your go-to repair contractors who has the right handyman San Bernardino CA services to get the job done right on point. We only consider operators and repairment who hold a good reputation within the area they provide services. Our policies are very strict when it comes to choosing companies. We do not rely on words instead we check on the background, reputation and work of the one who we are going to select. The motive is to get the quality service providers who can deliver top notch services with no complaints form the receiving end. Experience and work matters the most to us, client satisfaction is the goal we aim for everytime.

How we are different

We have a wide range of appliance repair San Bernardino from which you can choose as per your needs. For all your repair needs, calling BiltPros will be enough to get all your households work done. We only seek to build long term relation with the client by providing them utmost satisfaction and a value added service. The services from our side will always be satisfactory and affordable.

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