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During 2010–2015, a total of 2,244 deaths resulted from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning, with the highest numbers of deaths each year occurring in winter months. In 2015, a total of 393 deaths resulting from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning occurred, with 36% of the deaths occurring in December, January, or February. Still, many households has not yet understood the significance of adequately installing a carbon monoxide detector.

Today we will discuss the importance and benefits of having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home:

So, is carbon monoxide dangerous?

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas, produced by incomplete combustion of fuel, continuous inhalation of which can lead to death by choking and suffocation. CO is measured in parts per million, the higher the ppm, the more toxic would be the gas. Carbon monoxide detector is one way to prevent mild to extreme exposure of carbon monoxide in your home. It raises the alarm when the gas level in the area is about to cross the tolerable limit so that people can rush to safety before it gets in their system.

Who needs a carbon monoxide detector?

Although It is advisable for every home to get a detector installed by a professional service only, buy homes with the following specification must install it for safety:

How will a carbon monoxide detector keep me safe?

If any CO is leaking in your home, the CO  detector will immediately raise an alert in the form of a loud noise. The noise is loud enough to wake the occupants, giving them sufficient time to evacuate. These detectors are made to raise an alarm time before the occupants start showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is essential that the carbon monoxide detector you purchase is equipped with the latest technology and is only installed by a professional handyman services in Menifee CA.

Where should the carbon monoxide detector be installed?

Depending upon the state in which you live and the configuration of the detector, it may vary, but the standard law has made it obligatory to install them:

Do not place it in:

While it is crucial that you only select the best carbon monoxide detectors, an even more critical aspect is installation, which if done wrong won’t let the device serve its purpose and might result in an inescapable accident.

Always make it a point to appoint only professional handyman services in Menifee CA like The BiltPros. Our well-trained and experienced technicians have complete knowledge of how to go about with specific devices installation and will make sure you are fully aware of all that goes into the installation process.

You can trust The BiltPros and team in providing you with the best installation and repair service at an affordable price.

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