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Access to over 150,000 new customers.

Because of our design, and simplicity, we’ve become the fastest growing home improvement platform in California, boasting over a 450% increase in customers since 2020.

Better Results than any other Platform

While most companies spend 10% of their revenue towards promotions, we commonly spend over 80% to aggressively promote your business. Because after all, it’s your hard-earned money!

Why we DON’T do leads?


Better Value by Specialization

We’re tailored to the home improvement industry which unlocks countless opportunities for you.

  • Discounted Bulk Rates for Shared Plans, because we’re advertising all companies as a group, rather than individually.
  • Highly Effective Targeting to get customers that are more likely to buy your services. That means less time on the phone, and more time on the job.
  • Precise Industry Research to ensure each company gets a better first impression from the customer.
  • Always-Better Results because our teams are constantly optimizing our promotions to yield the best possible outcome for you.

Unlimited Jobs Program

After your initial grace period of 6 months of membership, you become eligible for our patented Unlimited Jobs Program. This works by providing you unlimited access to new customers and you only pay once you get the job, average fee: 10%. You still get phone calls like usual, and you’ll always know when it’s a BiltPros customer. Once approved, your monthly rates will go down, and they will be applied towards commissions owed on jobs.

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to join

  • Free Profile Build is included for all memberships.
    • Must have logo or self-portrait of yourself.
    • Self-portrait must be in work shirt, or polo. Jobsite or blank backgrounds preferred.
  • No Messaging Systems to interfere with your communications.
  • Monthly Traffic Reports emailed at the beginning of each month.
  • Direct Referral Traffic with phone calls and text messages directly from customers.

Membership Requirements, Skip this if you’re invited:

  1. Have a good existing online presence, with an average rating of 4 or higher.
  2. Do a good job, and Keep your customers Happy!


Frequently Asked Questions

BiltPros was built by Licensed Contractors that have a better understanding of the home improvement industry. After years of dealing with inefficient systems; involving leads, clicks, and online ads; We've built a new system that provides transparency and efficiency in your promotions, and it works way better for both the Contractor and the Consumer.

When you become a BiltPros member, we start by building you a free premium-quality profile that resonates with your brand. You get instant access to high quality customers who prefer the value of BiltPros companies, and you even get a boost in your online rankings, since BiltPros is only associated with trustworthy companies.

We focus our traffic on high-quality avenues because you get a much better response and you don't have to spend as much phone time to get jobs. These sources include targeted direct mailers, magazines, out-of-house advertising, word-of-mouth, first-page Google listings, networking, and repeat BiltPros customers. We also get organic traffic from other channels including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Reddit, Redfin, and much more!

BiltPros is the fastest growing platform in California, growing over 450% since 2020 with access to over 150,000 customers. The reason for our growth is that we make it easier for customers to find better trustworthy contractors, and customers love it.

Traffic varies depending on your specific industry. For example: A trade like plumbing tends to be more high-volume, whereas a landscaper tends to have more substantial jobs. We like to see all of our companies do well, but every company is different and will have their own specific needs. Our shared plans are intended for the average contractor, working either part-time or full-time, depending on what plan you choose. But when you start needing more traffic, we can also add on a direct plan that's able to scale with your company.

1.) If you have any complaints, make a genuine effort to resolve it.
2.) Try to answer all phone calls. If phone calls are missed, return them in a timely manner (same day, or next day).
3.) Be on-time to jobs, and if you're going to be late, let the customer know, they will appreciate it.
4.) Stay professional. This should be common sense, things like: No offensive language, No trash talk, No fighting, No stealing, No politics, No smoking on the premises, No drugs/alcohol on the job, No offensive/vulgar tattoos. Just the obvious stuff.
5.) Keep up with your customer experience to maintain a good company reputation. This might include calling them a month later and asking them if they're still happy, this is a great way to get repeat customers, and it also helps out with getting reviews.

BiltPros is a home services marketplace that was started by General Contractor/Software Engineer, Nathan Baddon, and Richard Baddon, as a services company in 2008 to provide a solution to poor work quality at the time. The company quickly grew due to their high quality services and excellent workmanship. They later went on to offering premium referral services only to reputable contractors as a way to combat low-quality leads companies and disperse BiltPros's large influx of traffic. In 2020, BiltPros launched their own product marketplace where consumers can find builder grade products for their homes which was instantly a hit. Today, BiltPros is known for being an online necessity for all consumers who want to find the best quality home services and products, founding what the company calls, the BiltPros Experience.

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