Barton 1500 Watt Mounted Patio Electric Heater With Remote Control

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The Barton 1500 Watt Mounted Patio Heater is constructed of steel and aluminum that makes it sturdy and durable. It has a gorgeous silver finish that looks great with most of the color schemes and decors. You can mount this 1500 Watt Mounted Patio Heater on the wall and is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use


  • Barton Electric Patio Heater is designed to be assembled for both indoor & outdoor use. It can be installed in a garage, BBQ gazebo, balcony, courtyard, workshops, living rooms, restaurants, and more.
  • The ON-OFF switch with remote control makes the heater very user-friendly. The stylish design includes an aluminum housing and a stable hinged wall bracket. Easy to adjust the vertical angle of the heater
  • The heater heats up in a gentle and rapid way, making you feel warm and comfortable. The air can be heated to increase the temperature of the air and generate convective hot air throughout the room. The whole process is quiet and continuous, and will not be disturbed by noise during the heating process
  • Electric Patio Heater is equipped with carbon fire tube as a heating element. Fast heating can warm you within seconds. The infrared technology can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism
  • No harmful odors, chemicals, or fumes will be produced. If the terrace heater is overheated or tipped over, it will automatically shut down. Double protection allows you to enjoy the warmth without worrying about safety risks


  • Power Consumption: 1500W
  • Voltage: 115V/60hz
  • Heat Type: Infrared Heater
  • Heat Setting: 1
  • Waterproof Rating: IP44
  • Mount Type: Wall Mount
  • Heat Vent Size: 19″(W) x 4″(H)
  • Overall Dimension: 24″(W) x 5″(L) x 5-1/4″(H)
  • Certification: IEC, STD

Package Contents:

  • Electric Infrared Heater
  • Manual

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Infrared Heater




Steel, Metal, Aluminum


Adjust Vertical Angel, 1500W, Use for Indoor/Outdoor, Remote Control Included


Steel, Metal, Aluminum

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Does Not Apply

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Wallmount Heater




Wallmount Electric Infrared Heater



Power Source




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4 reviews for Barton 1500 Watt Mounted Patio Electric Heater With Remote Control

  1. Easy to install. I placed in on the roof of my deck for when I get out of the hot tub. Keeps me nice and toasty as I dry off!

  2. I live in the Midwest, it gets cold here. It was 40 below the other day. Of course, a week later it was 70. 110 degree range in a few days definitely qualifies as extreme in my books. So when I say we know about staying warm, and being cold, I think I know what I am talking about. So I have what is called a 3 season room, but lately it’s barely been a 2 season room. It has been getting cold earlier in the year, and not warming up until later. I didn’t want a traditional space heater, or something like a kerosene heater either. I wanted something that would get the job done, but stay out of my way. The wall mounted design was perfect, with the articulated arm and all. While this doesn’t heat the whole porch, it does heat up the corner the wife wants to use to lounge in perfectly. She was the one who turned me on to this, as she saw a similar heater at her favorite cafe. I mounted it up, about 8 feet up, and got it pointed towards the daybed. The remote lets us easily turn it on and off comfortably. Being basically silent is very important here, as this little nook is all about watching movies and napping. This checks all of the boxes, and perfectly fits the bill for us.It heats up quickly, and silently. We don’t have to use any stinky fuel, and it is up and out of the way.I like that the pull chain is effectively a cut off, which is an excellent safety feature. That is a big pile of win to me.

  3. These heaters are fine. The people who are complaining about heat output have unrealistuc expectations. I have a 10 ft wide and 30 foot long covered deck and installed 4 of these on three separeate curcuits to cover our main seating areas. 1500 w is what it is. Even 4 aren’t going to make things toasty nor did ai expect them to. They do a decent job at taking a chill off which is all one can expect from 1500 w device. If you need more heat than that then run a 220v line and get a 5000 watt unit.

  4. Nice solid heater with rapid heat upon turning on. Does well for close or small spaces. I don’t see it heating anything bigger than that. I wish the mount could be multidirectional(up and down) but I won’t ding the stars because I knew that before purchase. Remote works well, I have no need to use from a distance greater than 5 feet, luckily that was the max distance it worked anyhow with a direct line of sight.

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