Ashford Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down Sprayer – Brushed Nickel

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Function: Kitchen Faucet
Feature: Centerset, Pull out
Style: Transitional
Finish: Brushed Nickel
Installation Holes: One Hole
Faucet Total Height: 19.5″
Spout Height: 5.5″
Spout Length: 7.87″
Faucet Body Material: Brass
Faucet Handle Material: Brass
Connect : G1/2 Standard
Fit Hole Size :33mm-43mm
With two inlet water pipe for hot and cold water
Water flow : 1.8GPM


Additional information

Faucet Mounting Type



Kitchen Faucet


Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel



Suitable For

Kitchen Sink

3 reviews for Ashford Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down Sprayer – Brushed Nickel

  1. Initial reaction is “This is great!” Product is nice weight actual metal. Looks really great and works great. The only negative at this time is that the faucet is a little too heavy duty for my sink. It leans forward a little bit due to flex in my sink. I plan on putting some sort of attractive support to pull it back a little bit purely for looks. Easy install but I do have to note that I am a professional construction person to be fair. Even so, I sometimes have problems with design or product short comings which I did not encounter here. Install was a really easy. Give yourself plenty of room, plenty of light, and an occasional comforting beverage of your preference. I will update this as time goes on but so far it’s a great faucet at a great price. We have really liked this Faucet.  Kudos to this company and their product.

  2.  The price is unbelievably good, especially when you compare it to places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s sturdy and my husband was able to install it easily. He did have to get longer water hoses, but that was not a surprise with the height of this one compared to our old one. It works great and the water pressure in both the faucet and the hose is incredible. We are very happy with it. No leakage issues as I’ve seen in other comments. Leakage issues might be people installing their own and not quite doing it right. My husband is very knowledgable and handy. It looks expensive and beautiful and we love it!

  3. This is an excellent product. The faucet itself is SOLID. As others have stated there were no instructions for installation. However it was not hard to figure out at all. The faucet comes with two braided hoses that would be installed into the base if purchased for a few hundred dollars more from the local hardware store. These hoses are threaded and fit into the threaded holes at the base of the unit. I do not have a wrench to get at these lines so used my bent needle nosed pliers. They don’t need to be super tight as they have o-rings… My tap has been installed for several months… it never leaked a drop. Now on to the sprayer (not attached at time of delivery). The tap came with two seals. One white, one black with fine mesh… Both of these seals had to be installed into the sprayer so it would not leak. Viola! Done. Be careful here during the install not to bend or mar the threaded bit you are attaching this sprayer to (the chrome bit on the line).. again.. this does not need to be over tight..The one short coming I did find on this faucet was the length of the under sink water lines… They were about an inch too short! That being said.. buy a couple of lines to extend them at your local hardware store and you are done. Ok, so I got this thing installed and used it for several weeks.. I found I had incredible pressure from the sprayer, but it took forever to fill a pot with the main spigot. If you look on the photo you will see a small handle at the end of the filler spigot. Spin that handle and you can stop the water from flowing and use the sprayer only. Just under the bit with the handle (the shut off valve?) there is an aerator. If you take a look at that aerator there is a small area notched out for a wrench. Turn the water on, hold on tight to the part that spins (the shut off valve) and back that aerator out just a bit (counter clockwise) and you can increase pressure out of the main spigot. Go to far and it starts to leak. I took mine out until it started leaking, then back in just until it stopped. I now have killer pressure at both. All in all I love this tap. It looks great. Makes clean-up easier in the kitchen. It feels nice (good quality) when I use it. I hate plastic garbage! Friends and family love it. The massive pressure from the sprayer saves me money as I can do a sink full of dishes with just a few drops of soap whipped into a nice tub of suds (I don’t own a dishwasher).You would probably spend more on a similar tap at the local hardware shop, than it would cost to get this one and pay a handyman to install it. I hope this helps.

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