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Stop Thinking About LED Light Upgrades, And Start Doing Them!

Stop Thinking About LED Light Upgrades, And Start Doing Them!

LED lights aren’t just lamps and they aren’t just for flashlights either, you’d be surprised at the amount of applications that have surfaced now for LEDs around the household, and we’re talking anything; from vanity lights to pretty up your rooms, to outdoor LED lighting that will keep your house safe, secure, but above all, at the vanguard of technological lighting improvement.

The best part about LED lighting is that most of these lighting improvement projects are real easy to do by yourself; most don’t even need that you know your way around tools other than a drill or a screwdriver. Always wanted a couple of vanity lights for your rec room or your entertainment set-up? Just buy a strip of LED lighting and install it yourself, most are as easy to install as removing the protective film off a strip of two-sided tape and sticking it to the walls. It’s that easy!

Of course there are some more elaborate projects that would require you to call a lighting technician or handyman, but of course that’s what BiltPros is here for!

Indoor LED Lights

These can go from the easy aforementioned vanity lights to interesting projects like entire chandeliers. Want an old-timey chandelier but don’t’ want to go through the hassle of swapping out the candles? It’s the 21st Century! They make chandeliers with LED candles on them now; they look fancy and are an easy install for any professional technician, such as those listed here on our site! If you’re worried about space, recessed lighting works well in ceilings too! Keep a low profile in your kitchen and living rooms.
But back to the fancy, LED pendant lighting is all the rage right now, give your home a very outdoorsy look with just a couple hanging lights inside! It’s important to keep your bathroom well lit as well, those old boring light fixtures are a thing of the past, LED light fixtures will stick your bathroom into the new age. With LED lights the possibilities are endless inside your home.

Outdoor LED Lights

What’s so good about outdoor LED lights? Well, they’re as good as any outdoor lighting you’ve had before, but with the added bonus of being real cheap compared to all incandescent bulbs, and run at a lesser risk of shorting out or frying due to rainfall or foggy weather. You can light your entire front and backyard with LED lights, and then some. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be serve utilitarian purposes only anymore, flare up your house with a couple good looking LED lanterns and hanging string lights! Good lighting is a big part of making your house look good, trust us.
LED lights might seem expensive compared to incandescent bulbs, but you better believe there’s a reason most people have made the switch to LEDs. The investment is worth it, and the environment and your local energy plant will thank you for it! Your wallet will, too, after you stop having to pay high bills just to keep your driveway lit at night.
If you’re not itching to try the DIY method, get in touch with any of our listed lighting experts near your area. BiltPros’s got your back!

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