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Top 5 Best Propane Gas Fire Pit Tables For 2021

Top 5 Best Propane Gas Fire Pit Tables For 2021

A gas fire pit is useful when you want to have a campfire but don’t want to deal with the problems that come with it. Unlike a wood fire pit, a gas fire pit runs on propane, which is stored in tanks similar to those used for gas grills. As a result, a gas fire pit burns cleaner and produces no smoke or ash. Propane is also more handy than wood, less expensive in general, and easier to handle.

When searching for a gas fire pit, you have a plethora of options. Aside from the general  heat output, size, and assembly, there are aspects unique to gas fire pits, such as the ignition system (if any), burner, and cover.

We’ve put together this buying guide to help walk you through some of the features you’ll need to consider before purchasing a gas fire pit.


  1. Faux Concrete 65,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit

Made from composite concrete, this grand fire pit provides a ton of space for setting out drinks and appetizers. For a modern fire pit, this chic buy is your winner.

Constructed from natural-looking fiber-cast concrete, this fire pit is completely sturdy but lightweight. With a BTU output of 65,000, it’s designed to work with a propane tank but can also be converted to run on natural gas with the included kit.


 2. 42″ Bali Outdoor Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

This fire pit table incorporates the typical characteristics of a high quality outdoor fireplace, including replaceable tiles and a steel mantel. Its elegant base neatly conceals a propane tank and control panel (not supplied).

With a heat output of 60,000 BTU, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional fire without having to deal with ashes. This unit’s beauty is enhanced by the use of lava rock, which elegantly emphasizes the flames.

This is a top choice for us as it comes in at 42 inches long to accommodate your guests while entertaining on your back porch.  



3. 30″ Bali Outdoor Square LP Gas FirePit Table w/Blue Glass

Grab your signature bonfire hoodie and round up the crew, because this LP gas fireplace has 30,000 BTUs and is ready to kindle some rad summer and fall nights and radiate warmth for all.

It features push button ignition, an all weather steel fire bowl, brown fire glass, decorative side panels conceal the fuel source and control panel, and a hand crafted resin mantel.

Everything is s’more fun with the spark of a flame, and this LP Gas Fire Pit will spark unforgettable nights and make memories for all.



4. 30″ Blue Rhino Endless Summer Gas Fire pit w/Lava Rock and Slate (Set of 2)

Everything is better in sets of two! This fire pit makes a gorgeous addition to any backyard   It measures at 30″ wide by 30″ tall, making it ideal for the patio.

It even conceals the propane tank behind a door for a more streamlined appearance. The pit was described as “perfection” by one customer because “it lighted fast and sends out great heat.”



5. 28″ Bali Outdoor Propane Gas Patio Fire Pit Table w/Blue Glass 

If you’re looking for good heat preservation and an elegant appearance then this is the perfect gas fire pit for your backyard. It is an ideal centerpiece for keeping family and friends warm and entertained outdoors when the temperatures start to drop. Double as a table and boasting a durable and visually  appealing steel base and table design.

The Bali Outdoors gas fire pit table is great for smaller spaces.


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