Top 5 Reasons Your House’s Light Is Not Working

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Top 5 Reasons Your House’s Light Is Not Working

Top 5 Reasons Your House’s Light Is Not Working

It is often that we tend to overlook the complete care of our house fitting and that result in an bad fixture. Many of us do not even give much attention to house lights once it is installed. All in all, it is important to take care your house fixture with regular inspection with small steps such as cleaning every bulbs of house regularly. BiltPros has been successfully delivering quality replacement/installation of Light Fixture since years.

There can be may reasons that are prone to early damage of lights in your house but treating them with regular care can make a huge difference for their long span of durability. However, if you have damaged lights in your house, you must have ignored these below 5 reasons:

1. Overload of the circuit System

If your service panel is imposed with overloaded equipment which is greater than the designed value, then this can cause fuse bulb or breakage of the glass. Usually overload occurs during lower voltage point point but not zero. So, it is advisable to use the equipment as its measured value. Also, keep checking the fuse box, at least once in a week.

2. Fixture wiring

There can be another case that can cause short term liability of lights such as power occurrence in switch which sends  this to fixture, so you can take apart the fixture. Here, you need to check the fixture wiring connection. It can be possible that one of the socket wires may fried due to ignorance of wattage rating on fixture. You can check out your wire connection to sort it out or call professionals for complete and quality installation/replacement.

3. Bulb Socket tab

One of the basic reasons, the contact of metal tab from the bulb socket may collapsed.  Sometimes, due to some activities, the contact of metal tab can be disconnected from the bulb socket. Under this condition, you can turn off the electricity and then  try to bend the metal tab inside the bulb socket.

4. Cord

The lost connection of plug-in lamp cord and hanging fixture cord can be one of the reasons for a fused bulb. This happens due to damage in internal fixture wiring. So, if you notice the same, get it repaired by professionals.

5. Circuit cable

If you are noticing that the switchboard is not getting the power due to fused socket or wire cutting, then, this also can be the reason of fused bulb. Instead of treating on your own (can be dangerous), call electrician to take charge of this problem for a safe and protective implementation.

BiltPros provides you enormous services from fixing ceiling fans to light fixture. For the authentic and quality service, contact us right now.

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