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Top 8 Most Popular Concrete Designs

Top 8 Most Popular Concrete Designs

Concrete is a flexible building material that may be utilized in a wide range of construction projects across the globe. Concrete in its green condition may be shaped, sized, and finished in any way desired using a variety of finishing methods and equipment to provide a long-lasting surface with a high aesthetic value.

Smooth concrete surfaces may be achieved with the use of screeds and trowels, which is the most basic concrete finishing method.

Concrete Finish Types

1.) Finished with a trowel

When it comes to concrete finishes, trowels are king. The trowel is used to smooth and fine-level the concrete surface after the concrete has been put in the formwork and leveled.

Manual and motorized trowels are both readily accessible on the market. A flat steel blade and an attached handle make up a manual trowel, which is used to push and pull over concrete surfaces.

Large commercial projects need a mechanical trowel, which looks like a giant fan with its blades resting immediately on top of the concrete.

2.) Broom Finish

The broom finish is a rough textured finish that is achieved by dragging a broom over the freshly troweled surface of the concrete.

Raking the broom over freshly laid concrete generates microscopic ridges that help with grip and prevent slipping.

3.) Stamped Concrete Surface

It is possible to get stamped concrete by pressing the desired patterns onto newly leveled concrete. After construction is complete, this style of concrete finish resembles slates, flagstones, brick, or tile, or, with practice, it may resemble wood.

Stamped concrete is a sophisticated and unique invention in concrete that is extensively used for patios, car porches, driveways, and walkways.

4.) Salt Finish

In order to get a salt finish concrete surface, coarse rock salt crystals are rolled over the newly laid concrete surface and then washed away with streams of water once the concrete has set.

This treatment offers plain or colored concrete a beautiful, rough, subtle texture and abrasion resistance. Swimming pools and other moist locations are the primary uses of this product.

5.) Exposed Aggregate Finish

To achieve an exposed concrete finish, the floor must be leveled, the aggregate distributed properly, and the air spaces minimized.

A Power Floater or Diamond Polisher is used to smooth the top surface of the partly cured concrete. At the very top of the concrete, a thin layer of concrete is removed using this equipment. To achieve the highly desired polished appearance, a fine grade protective coating is applied.

6.) Curved Surface

Swirl finish is one of the most distinctive forms of concrete finish that is formed by spreading the concrete surface in a circular pattern.

It is preferred for outdoor applications since it not only enhances the attractiveness of the concrete surface, but it also makes it safer to walk and stand on, especially during the rainy season.

7.) Polished Surface

Grinding and polishing concrete surfaces with the assistance of a penetrating chemical provides a varied texture using specific tools and equipment to obtain the finished look.

For more information about polished concrete floors, see: Polished Concrete Floors – Making Procedure and Benefits.

8.) Colored Surface

The color of the concrete is achieved either by adding pigments to the mix or by coloring the concrete after it has cured.

Pigment or strains may be used to provide a colorful concrete finish. The tinted colored concrete may be achieved by directly adding the pigments to the concrete mix before pouring.

In order to get a more bright colored finish, stains may be applied to any concrete, no matter how old it is. The application of stain is followed by the placement of a seal to preserve the concrete surface.

The Use of Other Surfaces and Coatings

The following is a list of concrete finishes:

  1. Color chips for the finish
  2. Finished in Color
  3. Final Touch: Engraved
  4. Etched Finishes
  5. Finished with a Flashed Finish
  6. Marbling Effects
  7. Micro-topping or Overlay Finish
  8. A sandblasted finish

A List of Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of concrete finishes are available?

    • In its fresh form, concrete is a flexible material that may be polished in a variety of ways, including Trowel finish, Broom finish, Salt finish, Exposed aggregate finish, Polished finish, and Colored finish.
  2. What is the best finish for Roof Slab?

    • Most roofing slabs are best completed using Trowels. In order to better bind with subsequent layers like flooring or waterproofing, the concrete’s fineness is intentionally maintained rough.
  3. What are the most often used finishes in the building industry?

    • Roof Slab – Troweled Surface
    • Swimming pools – Salt Finish
    • Trowel finish commercial and industrial flooring. Stamped Finish for driveways, sidewalks, and porticos.
    • In museums and auditoriums and galleries – a shiny finish is preferred.
    • Colored Finish – Parks and Playgrounds
  4. What is the significance of a concrete surface finish?

    • A smooth, durable, and long-lasting concrete surface may be achieved by finishing the surface to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage.
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