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After a lot of thought and careful planning, you’ve finally imagined your perfect dream home, now it’s time to build it. With a shortage of homes in California, and land prices hitting historical lows, right now is one of the best times to build. Finding a good builder can be worth its weight in gold, saving you costly schedule overruns, as well as material and and labor miscalculations that typically come with owner-builder situations. We will explain all of this and more in this article.

First, Lets look at the 2 main ways to build your home, Owner-builder, and General Builder managed.

Owner-Builder Scenario

Owner-builder is a type of build where the homeowner will buy a piece of land, obtain a construction loan from a lender, and then once the home is complete, you will take out a standard mortgage with a lower interest rate. When the construction loan is obtained, you would start hiring specialized contractors to start building the different stages of your home in-sync of each other until the process is complete. These specialty contractors depend on critical phases of the home-building process and the completion of these tasks on-time is vital to ensuring the next contractor will able to perform their work. When dealing with specialty contractors, it’s important to note they’re usually booked out anywhere from 1-3 months. So, if you run into missed deadlines, it could add several months to the total build time of the home. It’s not uncommon for an owner-builder scenario to take a standard build time of 7 months and end up having it delayed up to 2 years or more.

Let’s say you wanted to build a home with a budget $500,000 for the build.

Typical construction loans will have an interest rate of 8-15% which is higher than the standard mortgage rate, so it’s important that you get the home completed as soon as possible so you can refinance the loan with a lower mortgage rate upon completion.

If your home ends up taking 2 years to build, you would have to cover the interest rate for the added time to the project. BiltPros builders are experienced in this area when building homes of all sizes and know what it takes to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently. Our typical build time ranges from 7 to 12 months and we always push to complete the project sooner than expected and make sure it’s kept within budget. Here’s how it would go with a General Builder.

General Builder Managed

A general builder is experienced in all trades and knows them intuitively. They are often used when building projects that are complicated due to the limitless number of things that could potentially go wrong. They deal directly with the city and/or the county to make sure all the aspects of your home will meet or exceed code regulations so that come inspection time, you pass it without any delays.

When starting with a raw piece of land, we will survey the property to figure out the best way to create a leveled pad for your home where you want it. We make sure that that water is correctly irrigated to ensure that water drainage doesn’t run into your home during heavy rains. We deal directly with the sewage and utility companies to get water, electricity, and sewage run to the graded plot so that the building process can proceed. Then, through careful planning, we coordinate with specialty contractors to make sure that everyone is working efficiently on a timeline in every phase of the home build while prioritizing crucial stages and making adjustments as needed. While a General Builder has some costs associated with it, it saves your hard-earned dollars by preventing costly delays and ensuring your project goes as smooth as possible.

Why Choose us?

BiltPros general builders are considered experts in the industry. As the highest rated home builder in the inland empire, we strive to delivering beautiful homes that will satisfy all your needs and we offer specialized contactor insight that contributes to making your long-term home energy usage more efficient and by making your daily life more enjoyable with soft-touch applications.

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