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5 Different Interior Door Styles You Should Know

5 Different Interior Door Styles You Should Know

Whether you are planning to build your new home or renovating the old one, it is essential that each and every aspect needs to be chosen prominently that is responsible for a beautiful and attractive house. The interior look of your house matters. Be it bedroom, closet, or bathroom doors. The BiltPros provides you enormous styles of doors so that you can choose your favorite one.

Interior design of your house plays an important role in order to set a status amongst guests, friends and society wherein interior doors are major aspects to look after. Styling your house with best interior door styles will not only give a overall gorgeous look but also make you happy whenever you come across.

Here are some of the interior door styles you would like to own.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors do give a great look to your bedroom but it takes more space as it does not swing, only right and left sliding to open or close doors. It has been seen that many homeowners tend to avoid such creation as they feel uncomfortable while navigating. On the contrary, many also appreciated the look and the luxury about this style of doors.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are one of the old school designs yet to be used by many of us. Although,  market keeps on introducing brand new designs with the amalgamation of old pocket doors. More similar to sliding doors, these are the best doors for room that needs be closed less often. Pocket doors hide the wall and best for toilet rooms, passages or closets.

French doors

If you want to have a dramatic element on the entrance,  then french doors are the perfect one to bring it on. This type of door has been designed with 2 hinge that is mounted on the sides of opening which swing towards each other. This piece of creativity is mostly used for decorative purpose with glass inserts  and decoration panels. They are used for areas such as music rooms, living rooms, home offices and master bedrooms.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors has been designed such a way that both sides of door is foldable into each other and is hinged together. The door is mounted and can be hanged from a track. Bifold doors are for areas like bedroom closet, laundry rooms and kitchen.

The BiltPros specializes in providing almost every style of interior doors and also gives a great and durable installation by our team of expert installers. To avail the service, contact us now.

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