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Every household has a closet in each of their rooms. But there are only some who manage to make them a part of their decor. While closet door installation is an easy and not too time consuming a job, people tend to be not much interested in experimenting with them and choose a basic and minimal design and construction.

closet door

Whether it’s a walk in closet or just a small on within the wall, there are so many ways to make them more than just a place to keep your clothes.

Here are some not so cliché  ways to do so :

Mirror-Mirror on the door

Mirror on the door

No bedroom is complete without a mirror. But why let the mirror occupy extra space on the wall? Fix your mirror(s) on your closet doors and save some space on the wall and use it to display some artistic pieces instead. Not only is it functional, but also a great way to add a flavor of sophistication in your room’s decor. Use a mirror that covers the entire door except 2-4 inches on the edges. This’ll work as a frame for your mirror.

A Rustic Look

Although a rustic looking can’t work in every decor, it’s a great way to make your decor a little more chic and summer-y. It’s quite easy to find rustic closets in different sizes. Especially in a room with a source of natural light, a rustic closet not too high makes for a perfect look.  Add on a couple of succulents on the top and a refreshing decor is in order.

Some Designs on Glass Door

A glass door is no doubt classy as well as pretty for a closed. Especially a sliding partially opaque glass door. This suave look can be made even more fun with some designs on the door. There are so many to experiment with. You don’t even have to buy a new door to experiment with. Thanks to door stickers, it’s super easy and cheap to try out some cool designs for your closet door.

Carved Patterns

Carved Pattern

Carved wooden doors are an all time classic for a closet door. Intricate details and a contrasting polish can complement your minimal and yet chic decor. Especially for bedrooms, carved patterns add a little bit of detailed beauty to your furnishing.

To door or not to door?

Having a door on your closet is not the only way to make it stand out. Open closets make for a refreshing way to make your room look p[en and hip. You can also use a curtain instead of a door for an unhackneyed look.   Divide your closet into compartments and add on some decor furnishings like plants, or showpieces and figurines to make it look even more chic.

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