Bought A New Flat Screen TV: Top Benefits To Wall Mounting

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Bought A New Flat Screen TV: Top Benefits To Wall Mounting

Bought A New Flat Screen TV: Top Benefits To Wall Mounting

So, you bought a new flat screen TV for your home?  You must be excited as you look forward to the time of enjoyment and fun that you will get from the new purchase. There are mostly two options for installing your flat screen television. The two essential decisions that every flat screen television owner had to make are whether to put it on a TV stand or mount it on the wall. There are several factors that will help you determine the best option for you.

Wall mounting a flat screen TV is a great choice as it can help the room look a lot sleeker and you can also enjoy a more modern and pleasant feel to any of the room in your home. Still not convinced? Here is a list of a few compelling reasons why you should the flat screen television wall mount right away.


A wall mounted flat screen TV will free up more space and allow the consumer to have less furniture in the viewing area, they don’t have to limit their new furniture to one particular area or use.  This is especially useful in the rooms that are limited in wall space or even floor space. Wall mounting of TV enables you to make the most of your wall space by using the space fireplace in a living room or even above a dresser in your bedroom.


Another greatest benefit of mounting your flat screen TV to a wall is to deter theft.  It’s quite simple for a burglar to steal a free placed TV on a stand than the one mounted on the wall. So if you want to keep your TV safe, wall mounting for your flat screen TV.


How cool is calling your friends home and watching your favorite movie on your flat screen TV?  with your flat screen TV mounted onto the wall, you and your friends get an opportunity watch your favorite series or movie in detail, with the wall mounting TV serving as the center of attraction for your new home cinema.


A wall mounted flat screen TV can help your neck and eyes as you can move the mount according to your angle or tilt. However, make sure that your television mount has a full motion feature, that allows you to watch TV at a right angle and height and reduce the strain from watching wrong angles.


Believe it or not but you can mount flat screen TV with the help of one other person in about one hour or less.  But if you are still unsure about it, flat screen TV installation is done right with BiltPros. We ensure a quick process and a perfectly angled TV, the first time.

So are you looking to get yourself a flat Screen TV mount today? Get in touch with us, don’t forget an improper installation can cause your TV to fall.

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