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DAMAGED DOOR: Signs and Tips to identify them

DAMAGED DOOR: Signs and Tips to identify them

Not until you will be annoyed by your neighbours because almost entire residency can be a part of your family business, will you realize the importance of privacy provided by your doors. 

Doors are important.


But since they are so extensively used and most overlooked, their wear and tear are not tended to until they can no longer serve their purpose. 

But how do you know before the door gives in?

How do you identify the signs of damage in your door?

What we see is a solid wooden flap or a sliding glass door going back and forth, but there are several components and real mechanics involved in the proper functioning of a door. This can get disrupted with a minor hinge distortion or if the door was not installed properly, but seldom do we notice all this. 

Knowing this, we are bringing to you a list of common door damages along with their causes and tips to identify them:


If in order to pinch pennies, you hire an amateur service man, there is a high possibility that he might not install the door properly in the frame. While it would be apparent, you might not notice it till it starts getting jammed or might not close even after exerting force. By this time, the corners of the frame on which the door is installed would have gotten damaged. Check whether or not you are able to open and close the door without twitching. 


Are you in the habit of slamming the doors? You might want to quit on that because your door is bearing the wrath of your anger, frustration or whichever emotion you are experiencing. Slamming doors frequently damage the trim board which further dislocate the door jamb supported by it. 


Are you having trouble properly opening-closing the doors or windows? Does the doorstop mid-way? This might signal towards a severe foundation problem, which if not inspected and repaired at the right time might damage the structural integrity of the home. 


If the wall plates are improperly aligned, then you might notice the door won’t easily fit into the doorstop as it should be. Protruding or out of alignment door can only be fixed by professional assistance. 


Is your door making squeaking or rattling noise every time it is opened or closed? Does the door gets stuck in between? Are you unable to latch the door? These are a sign of misaligned door hardware, which could be hinges or latches. While oiling might help get rid of the annoying squeaky noise, you need to get the hinges and latches realigned- a work better left off to professionals for best results. 

If you think that DIY can save your door situation from getting worse, then you are highly mistaken. With your restricted knowledge and access to limited tools, the last thing you want is a shackled door that is beyond repair. DIYs are dangerous, lack effectiveness and might cause more harm than good. 

You are wondering where to find a wooden or sliding glass door repair near me?

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