30 Foot Outdoor Patio Water Mister Mist Nozzles Misting Cooling System

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Great for cooling your outdoor living areas. Installs in less than 10 minutes. Cools the surrounding air temperatures up to 20 degrees.

Installation Steps: It is recommended to installed the misting system at a height of 2.5 m-3 m. Connect the adapter to the water tap

Turn on the water tap to wash the system for 1 minute to purge the system and remove any impurities

Screw the misting nozzles to the Tee fittings, except the last one on the end plug

Turn on the water tap to wash the system for 2 minutes to insure that the system is fully purged

Turn the water off and install the last nozzle into the fitting with the end plug

Fix the misting line by the cable ties saddle clamps provided

Turn on the tap slightly until jets are working, enjoy the cooling misting system

Turn off the nozzles, keep them dry and clean when you don’t use the misting system for a long time

Applicable Range:

1. Wetting and descaling 2, air humidification 3, chemical treatment 4, chemical spraying 5, liquid spraying 6, tobacco leaf humidification 7, tablet coating 8, flue gas evaporative cooling 9, sterilization 10, component cooling 11, fruit spray Wax 12, tile glazing 13, plant humidification 14, salt spray test 15, artificial fog 16, other places humidification


Hood Material: Polyethylene + Plastic + Brass + Stainless Steel

Size: 9M

Color: Black

What is included:

9M Fabricated Misting Line

11 x Brass with Stainless Nozzles

10 x Cable Ties

10 x Saddle Clamps

1 x Internal Thread Tap Connector

1 x Plug

1 x Shear

Additional information


for garden, landscaping, greenhouse, humidification, outdoor cool




Easy to DIY install, Saving Energy and Water, Creating a Natural


Polyethylene + Plastic + Brass + Stainless Steel


Misting Cooling System


Misting System

9 reviews for 30 Foot Outdoor Patio Water Mister Mist Nozzles Misting Cooling System

  1. Michaela Moore

    I got this for my back patio for the brutal Arizona summer. The overall assembly was pretty simple, just measure, cut, and pop the nozzles in. I have stucco on my patio so I used a nail and zip ties to attach the line, and after trimming the zip ties it looks very low profile, so it looks good. My problem with these is that it completely soaks my patio and chairs. You have to be prepared to get soaking wet if you’re sitting on a patio under these, they make a spray, not a mist. This is nice for if you need to be out on the patio midday when it’s over 100°, and you don’t mind getting a little wet, but at night when you want to sit and have a smoke it’s impossible so I can’t use them when I need to stay dry, I wouldn’t be able to eat a meal with these on. The kids like them, and it’s good for when we’re in the pool keeping the air cooler so they’ll stay up.

  2. jason zhang

    It’s so easy to install a custom irrigation system for your gardening! It could be also connected to your timer, and buried it in the ground , and you can cut the pipe anywhere you want and connect the spray head around your garden. In summer you can also hang it in your patio to cool it down when you do BBQ, I really like it!

  3. megan

    This system is AMAZING!! We use it for our outdoor patio area and it keeps the whole porch about 29 degrees cooler and feels great in this 90 degree weather. Perfect amount of mist when you stand under it but it will get things wet a couple feet around it. It’s been a huge hit for everyone who has come over they think I’m some kind of genius for putting this up. Lol Everyone needs this product I just got my sisters to each buy one!

  4. Raquel Amendolara

    These misters have been our favorite investment of the summer!! We put a filter at the base to help filter our hard water here in Vegas. Very easy to put together, and if your misters gets clogged it’s very easy to just take the spraying cap off, put them all in vinegar to clean them and put them back up without having to take the entire hose system down. We use them almost every day since we put them up 2 months ago.

  5. Rohde22

    Replaced our expensive older copper set with these and blown away- literally! These are super powerful with a fine mist. We ended up having to move them to the outer fascia because the furniture underneath would end up soaked from the mist. All good now and perfect for the AZ summer. Only complaint would be a way to turn the pressure down.

  6. Terri M. Pendleton

    These work so well! I’m using them on my front porch to water my rail boxes, and they are perfect. I was able to tuck the tubing under the lip of the porch molding so you don’t see it at all, just the misting tips peeking out. Easy to install, unlike other systems I’ve tried. Great system, great price, couldn’t be happier!

  7. Angelica

    It wrapped around my whole tent and I thought it was going to be a light mist but it was not. It is strong on the mist but I loved it on hot days. I need to check if you can turn half of them off it looks like it, if it’s too strong. I think it worth the amount of money for this item! Count all pieces I was missing 1 mister head.

  8. Jennifer Lynn

    I purchased this to have a way more efficient use of water with as little as possible flooding into the largely saturated yard this year. It was easy to assemble and hand ample misting pieces, no pieces missing. I carefully marked my intervals, assembled as instructed, and beamed with pride. I then hung the misters and attached the hose, using the silicon tape and washer as indicated. Prepared to pat my back, I turned on the hose….and noted with great dismay that almost half of the misters were steadily leaking water out of what appeared to otherwise be correctly installed, tightly snug fixings.It’s not a TERRIBLE amount of water, and it is FIXABLE, but man am I kicking myself for not testing it out BEFORE getting it all hung up. Overall, I’d probably buy it again when we expand the work space, and just be more mindful of that next time.

  9. Nathalie C. Milian

    I have a backyard covered patio- y it is covered in an awning that gets unbearably hot during the summer. I put this system around the awning and it cools the area immensely. Yes, You get wet. So don’t come to my house with your hair Nice and pretty. It is a mister that mists water. But when your other alternative is starting pouring down your back, this is a godsend. Tips:1. Get a fan and it will circulate the mist even more. 2. Get a timer and hook it up. From other reviewers, I got the Melnor timer. It goes off every 30 minutes for 1 minute of misting.Last bit of info- I am a woman with very little DYI capability. I did this by myself. Super easy to do. Ladder, scissors and put it together. Easy.

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