Belleze 48″ TV Stand Console Media Shelves For TVs up to 50″ W/ Fireplace

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Suited for modern farmhouse and industrial spaces alike, this Fireplace TV stand is a versatile pick for the living room. Crafted from manufactured wood, it features a pair of doors that for added appeal. Come with Belleze electric embedded fireplace, which is great to warm up your room, and even a wonderful decoration for your room

Realistic flame effect with glowing log and ember bed can operated with or without heat, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
Infrared heat helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air, resulting in moist, comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air
Support most TVs up to 50-inches, while displaying everything with a beautiful, rustic feel.
Includes cord management features in back, adjustable shelves to fit your things, and open and closed storage
Made of high-grade MDF and laminate in a wood grain texture
Can be used as a TV stand in your living room, buffet in your kitchen, or storage console in your bedroom
Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

Fireplace Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: Metal, Tempered Glass, Resin, ABS
Power: 1400W
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Heat Outlet: Front
Heat Element: Blower
Heat Setting: 1
Adjustable Flame: Yes
Flame Operational w/o Heat: Yes
Certification: CSA Listed
Power Cord Length: 6ft(1.8m)
Fireplace Dimension: 18″(L) x 5.04″(W) x 17.1″(H)

TV Stand Specifications:
Design: Cabinet/Enclosed storage
Color: Ashland Pine (Espresso, Grey Wash, Light Grey, Sargent Oak are available for choosing colors)
Material: Manufactured wood
Number of Cabinets: 2
Cable Management: Yes
Center Shelf Size: 18.18″(L) x 14.06″(W) x 17.18″(H)
Side Shelf Size: 12.56″(L) x 14.06″(W) x 17.18″(H)
Overall Dimension: 48″(L) x 15.81″(W) x 28.87″(H)

Package Include:
TV Stand
18″ Fireplace with remote control
Installation Guide

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    13 reviews for Belleze 48″ TV Stand Console Media Shelves For TVs up to 50″ W/ Fireplace

    1.  I am so happy with this tv stand. It’s fairly easy to put together but it probably took me way longer then it should have to assemble. My 55″ tv sits perfect on it. Any bigger, and this stand won’t work unless mounted.The fireplace is a great touch. It has 3 different flame settings, and it has a few timer shut off settings.I highly recommend this item.

    2. The 2 boxes came on time and in perfect shape. No scratches or missing pieces. It is beautiful, even better than the picture. Mostly solid wood. The fireplace insert is a really nice feature and greatly adds to appearance.  Extremely happy with purchase and experience.

    3. I absolutely love this fireplace/tv stand. I bought the Sargent Oak color which looks nice with my grey furniture. The stand is sturdy and could probably hold a much larger television than my measly 40″. The consul compartments are roomy as well as the cabinets. The holes for the cords are hidden instead of a blatant hole in the middle of each section. My mom & I put it together in about 1.5 hours with no problems. The fireplace supplements my gas heat nicely and comes on just long enough to warm up my living room and kitchen. You can change the height of the flames at 3 different levels and set a sleep timer. The remote is small and thin and doesn’t always want to work (I’ve tried to change the battery) but that’s a small inconvenience. If you are looking for tv consul/fireplace, this one will do the trick and at an affordable price.

    4. Knowing that I’m moving in a few months, I was in the market for a TV stand, and also had my heart on getting a fake fireplace for my future living room. This stand really just killed two birds with one stone, and while I wouldn’t call it “cheap”, it was a good price compared to similar products I saw on the market. Considering you can find similar products for hundreds of dollars more, I am thrilled with this stand. The “wood” feels very sturdy, it’s a really great size, and it has some excellent storage space. I wouldn’t exactly call the fireplace “realistic”, in that nobody is going to look at it and think it’s real fire, but it does capture the intended ambiance very well. I haven’t used the heater much yet, but it definitely provides heat like you would expect from a space heater. Having a remote for it as well is a nice touch.It took my father ~1.5 hours to put this together on his own, so not bad at all considering how many steps there were. Highly recommend!

    5. Like all manmade wood kit products, this one leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to assembly instructions. Just pictures. That said, I have put more of these products together than I care to remember. This one is head and shoulders above the others. I mean—it is very well engineered. Once assembled, it is a very good looking piece of furniture. Mine is under a 65″ TV. The options for electronic placements are more than you will need. And the cable cutouts in the back are extremely helpful. All in all, this is a five-star product. 

    6. We specifically chose this model for two reasons. One is that it comes with the fireplace option, which gives the room a very warm and cozy feeling. Two I liked the amount of area in the top for components as it stretches alk the way across the entire cabinet. Room enough for everything I wanted to attach to the TV for this room. It was not difficult to put together for the most part, but there were a couple of items that should have been put on while everything was apart that would have helped tremendously. First there are two small metal plates (E) with screws (F). They hold the front middle piece together with the sides, parts (9) and (10). They really should go together while the pieces are separate because once you put everything together they are really hard to screw together and since its up in a corner on both sides there’s not a lot of room to maneuver in. Even if you just put it together and then losen it, it would be easier to assemble after you get everything together. The other thing that would be easier is to attach the hinges to parts (7) and (8) while they are apart. Once again it’s very difficult to get at the top and bottom screws that are up against the corner when it is assembled. Once in place you can loosen them while you put the doors on and then tighten them. Its very difficult to install them while the unit is standing up. Finally you need to pay close attention on pieces (4) and (5) to make certain that the finished side faces the front, and pay attention on pieces (9) and (10) to make certain that the front pieces (11) and (12) go the right way. It’s the one area where the picture kindof shows you the right way, but it’s not overly clear. Parts 9 and 10 are flat with a perpendicular edge on one end. Parts 11 (which attaches to 9) and 12 (which attaches to 10) need to sit flush on the same side where the there is a lip from the perpendicular piece and face the other way. The little holes on the sides of 11 and 12 must be opposite of the big holes on 9 and 10. Those holes on 11 and 12 are where the cross piece (13) attaches.That was the only real sets of gotchas. Once assembled it realky is a beautiful piece and it has real hardwood mixed in with some particle board. I highly recommend purchasing this TV stand. We are very happy with it.

    7. After 3 months of having this just put it together. Says 2 people are needed but I put it together on my own. If this girl can do it, anyone can! Everything came clearly labeled. Decent instructions. Needed a drill to install the boards on the back and the fireplace. A very nice upgrade from my old tv stand! Only negative is that one of the knobs is stripped so cant attach it to the door……but I had plans of buying cuter knobs anyway so its all good! Very heavy and sturdy.

    8. I debated buying this tv console/ electric fireplace. I was afraid that being made of particle board it would be cheap looking and be flimsy. Not quite! It’s pretty sturdy and matches my Better Homes and Gardens bookshelves very well which its a plus! ( I like matching furniture). I also like the fact that the firescreen doesn’t get hot when the heater is on and doesn’t scratch easy. My cats being nervous of the “fire” tried pawing at the screen. Now knowing there is no harm they lay in front of the heater just to stay warm. The only disappointment is that the heat output cannot be adjusted. In my small living room it gets quite hot in a matter of minutes . But that’s a minor inconvenience.

    9. I’ve been wanting this darn fireplace TV stand for so long and I’m so glad we have it now! It brings such a peaceful ambiance to the living room. I love that the heat can be turned on or off and the brightness of the fire can be adjusted. You can do all of it with the buttons on the fireplace itself or with the remote it comes with. Heads up: my husband put this together in a about an hour and a half and said it would have been incredibly difficult without a drill, and that the instructions were slightly confusing. So have someone help you if you’re not handy like me.All in all, I’d say this product is totally worth the money and I LOVE it! 😊

    10. My husband had to put this together by himself because I am disabled and was unable to help. It took him about 3 hours and despite not being able to read the directions he had a easy time with it. At night it makes the room feel so cozy and if its a bit chilly but not cold enough to put the heat on, the heater on this is enough to take the chill out of the air. Our living room/ dining room combo is a good size too. The cat were scared of it at first but now they love lying in front of it especially when the heat is on. I am so looking forward to next winter and Christmas with this!

    11. I was able to assemble it by myself were it call for 2 people the only problem was you have to be careful you have the panel for the shelves turn in the right way panel 11 to put the pins in to hold shevels up. Con: Manufactory should give better instructions on installing fire place once put in there’s no room to put your hand to install screw’s you have to have a very long screw. Driver or assemble before putting on top other than that it pretty to easy assemble. Over all I’m happy.

    12. Very happy with my purchase. It is so nice! Has adjustable temperature, timer and looks great. I can’t be happier with my purchase and this company. They are true to their word that satisfaction is guaranteed.

    13. I have been looking for a TV stand with fireplace and they have been so expensive. I found this beautiful one and purchased it. Excellent quality for the price, it is absolutely beautiful. Assembly was very easy. I have received numerous compliments on the piece. I would recommend this seller in the future. I am very pleased.

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