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  • Showcase your premium Toll-Free number on your profile, for companies with an existing toll-free number.

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Use your existing Toll-Free number to help increase sales to your business.


If you need a toll-free number and you need somewhere to look, it’s very important that you get a toll-free number that fits your needs.

Unfortunately, many companies can make their phone systems very complicated.  So far, OpenPhone is one of the easiest setups we’ve found and it will be more than enough to handle 99.9% of all contracting businesses. Even if your a multi-state operation, Openphone will keep your business running strong.

We prefer using OpenPhone for 11 reasons.

  • You don’t have to go through hours of phone support to get setup, it’s super easy.
  • OpenPhone is fairly inexpensive compared to other companies.
  • It’s one of the few Toll-Free providers that offers SMS Messaging.
  • They offer a good selection of Toll-Free numbers to choose from.
  • They have a phone app for both Iphone and Android, and a designated website for computer access.
  • You can setup Off-Hours, or you can have it run 24/7.
  • It has a standard “press 1-2-3” style dialer that’s optional, so you can have someone answer phone calls while you work in the field. Or you can just forward it to your cell phone so your company looks more established.
  • You can setup auto-response txt messages and voicemails for missed-calls, with a separate message for on-hours and off-hours, or separate dialers (1-2-3).
  • OpenPhone is an established company, so they have a 99.8% up-time.
  • The lines sound crisp and clear when talking.
  • As you grow, you have the option to integrate OpenPhone to other platforms through Zapier (advanced), which is an in-between software that links thousands of websites together.  So if you ever have a Customer Relations Management Software, you can set it up to send and receive messages through your OpenPhone number without having to leave the CRM Program. You can also set it up with Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc…

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