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Ways in which DIY can go wrong?

Ways in which DIY can go wrong?

(And why you should leave it to professionals?)

Do you think that it is better to do the furniture repair and refinishing by yourself?


Do you feel it is wasting money hiring electrical service for a 10 minutes job that requires fixing a few wires?

A large number of the population when having minor electrical, plumbing, refinishing trouble, choose to DIY it. The reasons being, saving the hassle of finding a qualified technician, using whatever knowledge the owner has and to save money.

But did you know that of the 64% people that have done a DIY in the last 12 months, one in every six-person got injured in the process? In this research which was conducted over 2802 participants, 6% percent said they weren’t able to get back to work for as long as one year, 12 % claimed to have long term damage, and two-third suggested that the DIY induced injury forced them to take off from work.

Still not convinced that DIY comes with various dangers risks and dangers that can be otherwise mitigated by hiring a professional repair and refinishing service?

Allow us to detail you further on the ways in a DIY can go wrong:

Planning to assemble the furniture yourself with the manual, tools and furniture parts?

No doubt all that will help but what about the safety protocols? What if while nailing the pieces together, you get your hand in between or what if the heavy leg or armrest falls on your leg while you are fixing it? Placing together few pieces of furniture to make it one might look like an easy task but it can lead to accidents which is why one must always consult a furniture assembly service to make sure the furniture stands, and no harm is done.

Sounds like a fun activity., does not it? Painting house, kitchen cabinets, furniture? But it’s a lot trickier than fun and should only be done by painting professionals like The BiltPros whose skillful painters comes with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your house looks picture perfect. WOndering why professional painters hire? Because painting involves three steps: Pre-painting, painting and post painting. In pre-painting, the wall, furniture is cleaned for any dust, dirt, debris or irregularities. Painting involves using the right tools, right paint to give it an impeccable look and post-painting are done to ensure the wall, furniture, wood remains unblemished. Your lack of knowledge can ruin what can be made beautiful.

Sink not working? Maybe the pipe is clogged. Maybe. Repairing bathroom fixtures or installing new ones can be very risky. Imagine, you plan to remove the tube or dismantle any bathroom installation, it might lead to a bigger problem. You don’t know how pipes go through the wall, and you might end up cutting the plumbing connection or the dishwashers. Why waste time and money risking it when you have The BiltPros to offer all types of home improvement projects. Their trained, certified and experienced professionals will efficiently perform effective installation and repair in the nick of time.

For any and every home improvement projects, get in touch with BiltPros professionals, today!

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